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In addition to being a full service Learning Content Management System (LCMS), Easy Course Creator also offers a full service Website Content Managment System (Web CMS).  The web CMS allows you to tie an unlimited number of domains to your server to host various websites through the system. 

This system enables you to edit your websites quickly and easily without the need for programming knowledge or knowledge of HTML or other web related technologies.  Simply point your domain name(s) at the server and begin to add pages to your site with the intuitive Web Content Management System.

The Web CMS has built in features which make it easy for you to list your courses and enrollment information on your website and even allow your visitors to sign up and pay for your courses online using a credit card.  This makes distributing your fee-paid courses online simple.  There is no need for an additional shopping cart website or additional backend programming to accept credit cards online (only requires an authorize.net account and we can help you get setup).

We can also host your existing websites on your server for you.  We cannot provide FTP access due to the proprietary code that resides on the dedicated server but we can move your static HTML site to your dedicated server for you or help integrate your existing website content into the content management system.  Contact us for questions about options for hosting PHP, ASP, or other dynamic websites.