System Details

Web Site Creation System
- Allow users to have their unique URLs.
- Allow users to create custom content
- Allow users to add images, links, videos, and more to their websites
- Provide several templates to choose from
- Email web site contact form information to the specified use

Course Authoring System
- Allow user to add new online courses to your course library
- Allow designated members of your organization to edit existing courses to which they have been assigned
- Allow designated members of , Inc. to edit course pages (Including text, audio, video, PowerPoint, PDF files, and more)
- Provide and allow use of template pages for explanations of course features and other interactive pages
- Allow user to create interactive terminology-definition pop-ups
- Allow user to create online quizzes, flashcards, and exams
- Set passing scores for lessons that verify successful completion of course lessons

Learning Management System (LMS)
- Allow user to add students into the LMS
- Allow user to edit student information (name, address, email, phone, password, etc.)
- Allow user to access to Web Messaging system to allowing for easy student-instructor communications, course email support goes into a global support system
- Allow user to assign courses to individuals
- Allow user to verify successful completion of courses
- Allow user to view login times and other login information
- Allow user to print/archive student certificates and completion dates

Hosting Provisions:

Provide a dedicated Server, located at Be Online, Inc.’s office in Madison, SD.
- Uninterruptable power supply
- Backups on a regular basis
12 hour Server Support (live person phone or email), Mon – Fri, 8 hours on Saturday
24 hour Trouble Ticket Support (via email)
Network hardware, switches, routers, modems, etc. 
Best efforts will be used to maintain service, but there is not a service guarantee.  In the event, service is interrupted for more than 48 hours, Be Online, Inc. will reimburse client at a rate of $34 per day, for the days that service was interrupted.
-Static IP address

 The following services are specifically not included, but can be purchased on an hourly basis:
1. Moving courses over to the Be Online, Inc. online education system (BOIAuthor)
2. Moving web sites over to the Be Online, Inc. system
3. Creation of new custom templates for web site creation system
4. Custom Web design
5. Site illustration services     
- Animations    
- Diagrams, pictures, etc.
6. DNS (Domain Name System) Hosting.  (Normally supplied by the registrar, such as godaddy)