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There are different ways students can be enrolled into the courses in the LMS.  Some organizations using the Easy Course Creator are using the LMS to make fee-paid courses and sell them online.  Other organizations are using the LMS to train their employees or staff members.  The LMS gives you convenient options for enrolling students in almost any scenario.  

Types of Enrollment:
  • Fee-Paid Enrollment
  • Free enrollment
  • Token codes
Fee-Paid Enrollment:
Fee-paid enrollment means you have a course that you have created and you want to sell it to the general public.  This type of website will generally feature information about the courses and give your website visitors the ability to automatically enroll into courses via credit card or other form of payment.  The LMS/CMS lets you upload course icons, images, descriptions, and set the prices for any courses that you wish to offer.  Once a student signs up and pays for the course, he/she receives an automated email with their username and password to login and take the course online.

Free Enrollment:
This scenario is most common in larger businesses with a need to train many employees or staff members.  After the free enrollment is setup, a member of your organization can email a link to anyone who needs to be enrolled and they can click on the link to enter their information into the system and complete the prescribed training.  This type of enrollment is also utilized by professional societies and associations who provide free training to paid members.

Token Code Enrollment:
The third enrollment method is token code enrollment.  The system will give you token codes that you can issue to students or post somewhere within your organization.